Auditing Services

What generally happens during an audit?

Auditors visit your premises for a period of time to complete their work.

Auditors will start by asking various questions to establish the business operational and financial procedures in place. Audit techniques are then completed to test, analyse, interpret and document the controls in place. Any discrepancies within the procedures are then discussed and suggestion of improvements may be made. This work then helps the auditors to reach a decision on whether the financial statements have been prepared in a ‘true and fair’ view as required by company law.

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Why choose us?

Whatever the reason, our specialist audit team are here to help and provide you with peace of mind. We ensure that the company audited accounts are compliant with the legal, statutory requirements and the relevant disclosures are incorporated. We work with clients to ensure the disruption to the day-to-day processes within the business are kept to a minimum when auditing.

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