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Pilot project to help directors deal with cyber security risk

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Arculus Ltd, a cyber security consultancy, has been tasked by the UK government to lead a pilot project that is aimed at helping directors of UK organisations in managing their cyber security risks.

The government are looking to improve the cyber resilience of organisations and this project will help inform policy that can help with this.

Arculus is actively seeking participants from organisations of all sizes and sectors. They are looking for directors, non-executive directors, and senior leaders who are responsible for managing cyber security risks in their organisations. This could include heads of departments, business owners, or charity trustees.

What will be involved?

Participants will be asked to implement suggested cyber governance principles within their organisation and then share their feedback based on their experiences.

A non-technical questionnaire will need to be completed at the start of the project, and then again at the end. There will be multiple online sessions for feedback discussions.

The government and Articulus have reassured participants that their involvement is entirely confidential and voluntary, and no specific IT knowledge or technical expertise is needed.

The project is scheduled to run from early January to early March 2024. A detailed report on the findings will be publicly released on gov.uk, however any participating organisations will remain anonymous on the report.

For inquiries or to register interest in participating, email: copresearch@dsit.gov.uk

See: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/uk-cyber-governance-project?utm_source=pocket_saves

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